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The Deal on Denim

August 24, 2018

For the longest, I’ve constantly had thoughts to myself about what I consider to be “real” denim. In my opinion, real denim is 100% cotton denim and isn’t any of that cotton material blended or mixed with poly or aren’t those super stretchy type of jeans.  Don’t be mistaken, 100% cotton denim will stretch over time, but personally, I love a pair of rigid jeans without the stretchy material added.

I would guess I would have to say that my fascination with 100% cotton denim for jeans stemmed from my first retail job – GUESS. Of course, working there I bought a few items of clothing, but nothing from there topped my favorite pair of jeans that I purchased while working there. These jeans were everything I could ever dream of in a dream pair of jeans and they were finally mine. They were rigid and had very little to no stretch blended in them, and the icing on the cake was that the jeans made my ass look extra great. SCORE! I held on to these jeans throughout the year like my life depended on it. The bottoms of the legs began to become undone with fringes hanging and tattered ends, but I didn’t care! Unfortunately, the coup de grâce was when I gained weight. The poor jeans held on for mercy with the button barely being able to make it to the buttonhole. This was a sign that it was time to part ways with my favorite pair of jeans (insert DUN DUN DUNNNN sound effect). Enter the denim search.

What kind of denim do you like? Rigid or stretchy jeans made with Lycra? Jeggings? Low, mid, or high-rise jeans? What about pockets - with or without back pockets? Let us know!

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