Leather Leggings for the Fall Season

Leather Leggings: Yay or Nay?

September 05, 2018

Here at Ain Vain, we’ve been scoping out leather and faux leather leggings and they’re definitely a yay for us - especially for the upcoming fall season. What we truly love about them is that they can be worn as either dressy or casual, and either way slays!  Another great thing about leather leggings are some manufacturers are offering vegan friendly options, so you could look trendy and swank (yes, we just used the word swank), all while being ethical. There are so many ways to rock leather leggings, but here are a few that we’re in love with:

Leather Leggings and graphic tee

Rock Out with Leopard Slide-Ons and Denim Jacket

Leather leggings, denim jacket, sweatshirt, headphones, sunglasses, and leopard sneakers

Pair With an Oversized Sweater

Show Some Tunic Love with a Scarf


These are a few great ways to rock leather leggings this fall season, but of course there are plenty other ways to wear them. What are some of the ways you incorporate leather leggings into your wardrobe?

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